Habitat is a permanent cult(r)ural settlement and collective workshop carrying participatory practices of living (and publishing) within and beyond the local scale.
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UATÀ! *mythological verse of Habitats' log splitters

This homepage, together with the other contents, are hosted on a server donated by XPUB – Piet Zwart Institute (Rotterdam) – and installed in Cà de Monti, Tredozio (Italy). Cà de Monti is the small village where Habitat is located - a sparsely inhabited rural area where there is no cable infrastructure normally used for internet connections. So how can we connect to the World Wide Web? Through a small parabolic antenna, installed outside the inhabited area. This antenna uses an FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) service, a technology that uses long-range wifi, ideal for areas that are not densely populated, like ours.

Therefore, the usability conditions of our contents strictly depend on the connection (3 mbps upload) and could range according to various factors. For instance, weather conditions and consequently the geographical distance between those requesting access to our sites (clients) and our server – for example, a user connecting from Florence will get a faster response to a user connecting from Rotterdam.

So please, be patient! This approach to content fruition embraces the local conditions, thus promoting other forms of sociability and sharing, no longer relying on infrastructural performativity, but rethinking alternative and experimental ways of inter-connecting local and therefore ultra-territorial meanings.

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