A project curated by Jacopo Lega, Enrico Tarò, Ilaria Marzolla, Federico Poni, Giuseppe Caracappa.
In partnership with Comune di Tredozio (FC), Rocca San Casciano (FC), Portico e San Benedetto (FC).

Habitat is a permanent cult(r)ural settlement and collective workshop carrying participatory practices of living (and publishing) within and beyond the local scale.

You may want to visit our Giardino or listen to our podcasts on the Radio.

Would you like to contribute and join us in Cà de Monti? Please, get in touch with us! info@habitattt.it

We are busy with designing Habitare, a festival around internal areas, where their critical issues and new possibilities will try to have a confrontation. It will take place over three municipalities (Tredozio, Rocca S. Casciano, Portico e San. Benedetto) on the weekend of the 23rd of July 2023.