A.A.A. New Inhabitants, 2024

c/o Cà de Monti,
Via I Monti 30,
Tredozio (FC)

Habitat is a cult(r)ural space and collective workshop in Cà de Monti, a tiny village 5 km away from Tredozio (FC) - situated in the mountains between Romagna and Toscana.

Since January 2022, starting from the permanent establishment of the first group of people, Habitat has transformed into a home, a long-term collective resilience project, as well as a cultural fermentation of the present. Since then, different groups of permanent and transient residents, travellers, and wanderers have found themselves living, sharing, adapting, and imagining in both collective and individual spheres.

It is precisely with the home that we want to engage most this year, seen as a place of exchange, interpolation, and aggregation of different identities, knowledge, and approaches.

New Inhabitants?

From April to October 2024, we will reopen our structure to host new inhabitants, whether they are more permanent or transient. We invite:

to inhabit and live in Cà de Monti for short-medium-long terms.

Cà de Monti

Cà de Monti is a place of hospitality, conviviality, research, and production in close engagement with the territory. The village, consisting of two buildings and a small (consecrated) church, is located on top of a hill 5 km from Tredozio, with a panoramic view at the edges of Romagna and Tuscany and the Casentinesi Forests Park. The medieval buildings are immersed in 250 hectares of pine forests, chestnut groves, ancient woods, and a lively hunting wildlife reserve.

During your stay, you can take advantage of various work and everyday life spaces.

At Cà de Monti, you will find Federico and Giuseppe, plus Jacopo - presumably on weekends.

How It Works

Habitat and District A — as a non-profit cultural association — is supported by its members and inhabitants, by their human, cultural, and also economic contributions, which allow keeping alive the ecosystem of Habitat, Cà de Monti, its spaces, as well as the tools and materials available in the site.

Depending on the length of your stay and your needs, we will propose some solutions in terms of hospitality. Cà de Monti has a shared bedroom available (which we will prefer for travellers), as well as some double bedrooms preferably dedicated to those who will stay longer. In any case, when you write to us, we will evaluate together every possibility based, based also on availability.

For the workshops, an extra contribution may be requested, to provide for material resources and maintenance.

You will also be required to join our cultural association, the cost of which is €10 (one-time) for the current calendar year. From that moment on, you will also be a member of Habitat and Distretto A.

It is important to specify that during your stay, starting from food, there will be other expenses that you will have to bear, as in any other living space. It is good to imagine yourself in a flexible and dynamic context where the collective organizes itself from time to time to optimize resources, expenses, and consumption.

Write to Us!

Now that we've told you almost everything, we hope to see you at Cà de Monti!

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