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Prole di Zeno – Broadcasts from Planet Garden

Studio for Immediate Spaces at Habitat, Cà de Monti
Saturday 09.04 – Sunday 17.04.2022

Autumn21--the-holy-mountain--riccardo-fantoni-montana.jpg The Holy Mountain. Picture by Riccardo Fantoni Montana

"Prole di Zeno is situated in a rural future scenario in the Romagna toscana's landscape, in a garden that will span the world just as the current urban condition reshapes what has been there before. When in an interplay of droughts and floods a comforting and nourishing environment can’t be taken as granted, nature needs to be cared for. Yet the planetary garden in its ubiquitous condition won’t be the focus but the context of the artefacts being produced in this workshop referring to peasant Zeno whose practice Superstudio documented as part of their project on „Cultura Materiale Extraurbana“. Artefacts – analogue as well as digital, sheets of paper as well as radio waves – will give an idea of a life mediating between the observed and the imaginary, the local and the cosmopolitan, the archaic and hi-tech. The artefacts hint on potential rituals, habits and tools embedded in this new circular, post-fossil, post-orientational, new bucolic lifestyle, yet they won’t explain all aspects of that life comprehensively. They will paint an image by an idea of the food being eaten, the music being heard, the discussion being held."



The Map, Technology, The Border.



With Enrico Malatesta

Advancing a theoretical dialogue regarding the cultural implications of Caveja, and why it is important today to redefine a material relationship with a certain energetic knowledge connected to rural work and a part of practical exercises aimed at investigating the relationship between sound and space, and between the movement of the body and the landscape in the act of producing sound.

Caveja-met-santarcangelo2.jpg Caveja from the collection exhibited at Museo degli Usi e Costumi della Gente di Romagna, Santarcangelo di Romagna - Rimini. Courtesy: Enrico Malatesta



Ceremony: Hear the Wind



Ricettario by Elena

This ricettario pad was initiated as a result of the one-week dwelling excursion of Master program SIS (Studio for Immediate Spaces, Amsterdam) in Habitat, Tredozio in April 2022. 7 days, 21 collective meals, 24 mouths to feed, and many liters of wine later. We've cut, tasted, licked, shaped, watered, messed, planned, washed, peeled, burnt, mixed, sifted, played, sang, danced, tarnished, greased, cleaned, and over and over again.

"How do we live(d) together and how can we archive the multiple happenings in meaningful ways?" Somehow this pad is trying to answer these questions while pretending to work as a COOKBOOK open to future dwellers and inhabitant of Habitat in order to transcript whatever worth to be shared delicatessen.



Broadcast from Planet Garden
Public Event and Radio broadcast from Cà de Monti

April2022-planet-garden-programme.jpgPlanet Radio's programme for Saturday 16th April, Cà de Monti.



Here the students collected some documentation: Habitat – Sis Drive