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Index of Wiki's pages of MEGASTUDIO 2022 session.



Diario di bordo


Sat 01-10-22

Di ritorno dalla Laguna

La delegazione habitattiana ha raggiunto la laguna veneziana per scaldarsi in vista di un grande mese. Ringraziamo Flora Protection Unit per il party.

Ciminiere, Vega, Binari morti, fumi. Tanta umidità. Si ritorna al mattino, in dritto. Il sole splende e gli animi ora sono rinvigoriti in seguito a questo viaggio, rito propiziatorio.

Sun 02-10-22

Chiara arrived. Un po' sconvolta e spettinata dal viaggio. MEGASTUDIO 03-10-22 MEGASTUDIO 04-10-22 MEGASTUDIO 05-10-22 MEGASTUDIO 06-10-22 MEGASTUDIO 07-10-22

Sat 08-10-22

It's Saturday morning, and the mood during breakfast is a great diffused hangover. We celebrated, the night before, the birthday of Mimì, or formally Domenico Carnimeo. He arrived with Alecio the last Tuesday, and they have to go at 10am, Susanna as well - fountain of tears.

The night before

Mimì turns 26, and apparently he enters in the golden age of his life, according to the Buddha teachings - someone told him this in Indonesia the last summer. So we organized a freestyle battle night ;)

Dj FlipFlop Mimì
Dj CODAC Alecio
RichCarmine Andre
PauPau Paula
GiusiFerro Susi
PeggyGhiara Chiara
GradientGiovanni Luca
PoniPereNoci Poni
MC Lambo Enri
Pongie 147 Jacopo

A great dinner announced the stage!

Homemade gnocchi made by Susanna's hands, with the recipe from her grandmother - prepared with:

  • Tomato sauce with an incredible sauté of veggies
  • Gorgonzola sauce

Followed oven potatoes + aubergines

During the preparation of dinner, everybody was busy to make a cookie for someone else with the frolla dough Alecio and Ilo made for Mimì's cake. The cake was then a Crostata with Prune's jam, iPad* shaped :)

  • Mimì does amazing illustration with it

So at midnight, we celebrated with the cake, and MEGASTUDIO starts as well.


Hello world! Welcome :)

A little tour around the hotspots of the cottages:

  • Alpi Wood stack, at the entrance
  • Habitat Museum (in progress)
  • Dark Room
  • Wood + Silk Screen Station
  • Shared studio


Pasta with peas + tomato sauce


Walk to Tredozio


A view of the path connecting Tredozio to Cà de Monti. Drawing by Pongie.

Stop for an ice cream / coffee :-) Visit at Palazzo Fantini library Group photo + Mr. Billi arrived there in that moment randomly Aperitivo 8) Come back Pickin up Porcinelle


Comfy dinner with Quality A+ leftovers. We are extremely tired :) But we do a juicy schedule for the Day 1

Sun 09-10-22


We woke up on Sunday with a light fog and a nice warmth given by of the last days of the autumn's Sun.
Easy start of the day, everybody was doing its stuff.
Ilaria made some dough with her Mother Yeast, Poni in the meanwhile was performing some reverb through the valley: chopping the logs, afterwards he broke the axe :-(


Sunday's supper: Foa prepared the Porcinelle and the Polenta with some other people in the kitchen. Pongie went to Faenza to have lunch.


With everybody around the glass' table, it has been presented the infrastructure of Habitat:

...and other secret stuff...

and we went depth into:

Everybody created also a wiki account, trying out formatting, links, uploads...

Paula proposed to hang a Whishes paper, where to write -

Scheduling assembly

              __                 __           ___                            
             /\ \               /\ \         /\_ \    __                     
  ____    ___\ \ \___      __   \_\ \  __  __\//\ \  /\_\    ___      __     
 /',__\  /'___\ \  _ `\  /'__`\ /'_` \/\ \/\ \ \ \ \ \/\ \ /' _ `\  /'_ `\   
/\__, `\/\ \__/\ \ \ \ \/\  __//\ \L\ \ \ \_\ \ \_\ \_\ \ \/\ \/\ \/\ \L\ \  
\/\____/\ \____\\ \_\ \_\ \____\ \___,_\ \____/ /\____\\ \_\ \_\ \_\ \____ \ 
 \/___/  \/____/ \/_/\/_/\/____/\/__,_ /\/___/  \/____/ \/_/\/_/\/_/\/___L\ \


Another amazing dinner:

  1. Sprouts
  2. fried leftover polenta
  3. fennels
  4. celery
  5. Hummus
  6. Focaccine from the dough

Chiara drops the bomb proposing crepes with Nutella.


During the evening we watched the raw videos from the Hi8 of Pongie from Summer 2021.
Live sonification by Luca!

Mon 10-10-22


Everything is grey. It's quite difficult to wake up, furthermore the morning flied away.



Presentation of interests/research/projects of

  1. Jacopo
  2. Enri
  3. Energy Star-Pau
  4. Pono
  5. Andre-Foa


We wanted pizza, but Henry is closed. :( So we turned on the fireplace and did pita/piada/pizza - some primitive bread, eventually

Some sauces, hummus of beans, rosemary on the fire


Night walk, first wish done! The moon is big and light.

Tue 11-10-22


9.30 team grocery flies to Tredozio and cleaning team starts to clean the mess from the PrimitivePitaSession.

Breakfast and veggies shopping in Tredozio and Modigliana to hardware shop + supermarket.

A lot of different recipts <_<

We came back with a lot of food.



After the food has been set in the kitchen:

  • Pau Chiara do an epic salad
  • Benni do an hummus
  • Poni heat up the leftover® polenta and vegpiadine®

Ilo, as presentation, proposed a bread-streatch workshop :-)


Presentation of interests/research/projects of

  1. Chiara-PeggyC
  2. Benni-Benjix
  3. Energy Star-Pau
  4. Angelina
  5. ira montagnaverde

Poni did the dough for the pizza session of Wednesday, and after he came back stink from chopping wood with some small logs >:)


MINESTRONE DELLA ILO and toasted bread, some with garlic :O

chats and checkins-


Easy diffused work and at one point some magic ideas happen, after a chat between Pongie and Foa. Now we are talking about to do a prototype for activate the process to discover the archive - dynamic diffractive website publication

Wed 12-10-22


What's better then a morning walk?
The idea was also to find porcini mushrooms.
With an hour of delay, Foa, Ilo, Benji, Angelina, Ira, Pongie, Pau and Poni went towards the chestnut's field behind the Holy Mountain.

We met ... and ... - with also the brother of him, keepers of the plot. We went around pickin up chestnuts, ancient small fruit I don't remember the name, mushrooms.

Bought the food form the chicken.

Workshop of Ilo :D


Easy lunch - bread from the workshop and a salad, next to a babaganush.

Conversation about the dynamic publication.


Serigrafia happened, naps happened, fire lighting happened, graphic design happened, portfolio making happened...




It was a long dinner.

Thu 13-10-22


People busy with making the negative for silkscreen, everybody more or less at the terrace on the sun :)


rice + leftover from pizza


tagliatelle making ira + poni

silkscreen by ira + peggy + benni + angelina + paula + pongie + ?

poni hit its left eyebrow on the arch of the darkroom.

tagliatelle stretch and cut by ira + pau + poni


  • polpette for meateaters
  • tagliatelle for veggies (they were good af)


A spontaneus club night happened, with too much alchol for luca and poni :D Dj Internet at its best, thanks to the router extension <<<

Fri 14-10-22


tired start of the day :[

especially for luca and poni


orzo with pesto and zucchini

jack passed by to bring his greetings. And also a bottle of wine and a pair of cheese


check in at 3pm, a lot of nice talks. Poni came back from a long walk sweat as fuck and with a leaf of rock (????) very thin nice rock

We talked about the dynamics, drawn schemes, connections, a bit of sense making of the direction.

web platform as tool to create also the printed one:

  • custom layouting / collaborating layouting
  • possibility to edit the style
  • direct connections with folders in the server
  • ...

Started a cataloging of the physical things of Habitat (like the figures of Parasite2.0, paintings of Chris Vega, stuff from the Habitat Museum...

Next step would be to 3d scan with the Kinect of Foa.


Auberigines al funghetto (with tomato sauce and sauted), tortilla de patatas AMAZING, salad


Projection of Slowstyle documentary - proposed by Foa

Poni and Ira made panzerotti dough <<<<

After that we watched Midnight Gospel, 4th, 5th and 3rd episodes <3

Sat 15-10-22


ROCAMBOLESQUE expedition to Modigliana's Vintage Shop (so cheap and so good)

We bought nice stuff and clothes, like tape recorders, books, leather jacket (OK if second hand, let's state that), rocks...

We met Marcello from la Taverna! :D He will come by during the week


Someone ate pasta with meatball's tomato sauce from the day before, others some roman couliflower. Poni did the balls for the panzerotti of tonight




Sun 16-10-22


This is the day of the Assemblea Stampa, everybody busy with the preparation.

Oliviero and .. came to say hi, also Franco Billi arrived. He said we have rights to free internet, he brought some esoteric document >:)


Not really today :O


Assemblea stampa yeeeeee

here the document printed after the assembly.

The layout has been made with a python system etherpad -> markdown -> html -> web2print

Poni wrote.

Aperitivo at Bar Derna and we exchange presents!


We went to Agriturismo Ridiano :D


We were quite caput :)

Mon 17-10-22



Two weeks to go! We can still find other ways, we can keep also November for printing in the Netherlands Important to highlight that in zinecamp + sprint is the final stage of the output, where we reach the audience, a parte of it at least

A publishing and art book saloon!

Yesterday Paola was talking about the theatre would be nice to take care of the place as venue, in a performative way, in Tredozio

performing the archive in one of the space in Tredozio, or somewhere else. It can be also the moment for presenting the publication

Creation of accounts in our nextcloud in order to put in shared folder assets for the creation of boxes, for the web-platform/publication maker.


Improvised lunch with leftover piadine and cheese from the Assemblea Stampa


People worked splitted in group, cataloguization of the physical objects, boxes creation, publication/recipe books thinking.

Poni was supposed to go back to Pavia, arrived to the bus stop he said to Enri OK let's come back home.

Ira's workout session!


Rice + Roman Couliflower + tofu + boiled eggs + oven-pasta from leftover <3


It was going to happen a Karoke night, but is shifted to the day after.

Tue 18-10-22


Market and cleaning day.






Thu 20-10-22

La Processione


Fri 21-10-22

Red-light Workshop

Participants: Pongie, Paula, Benni, Angelina and Andrea.

Starting from 18:00, we started printing materials on the plastic sheets to be enlarged and printed in the darkroom.

(A4) The design I prepared for the Printing session. I collected mostly drawings from the Habitat Archive. Please note that you should print in Black and White to get better results. The ink won't probably get dry, so you should handle with care the sheet. Illustrations inside are from Pongie, Ilo, Linus and an unknown author.

Ways to work with the enlarger

  1. drawing with markers, pen or other drawing tools on the acetate sheet.
  2. printing designs with laser printer, usually A4 (don't forget to print the negative version, in case of a picture) on the negative sheet. The designs can fit the enlarger frame (5x5cm) to be enlarged or fit into the preferred size for a contact print (printing ratio 1:1)
  3. working with objects, liquids, shapes, and other materials to make contact print – silhouette drawing
  4. using a developed black and white film


  1. 1l of Developing solution: 1/10 Bellini BX100 + 9/10 water.
  2. 1l of Fixing solution: 1/10 Bellini FB100 + 9/10 water.

The temperature of the water was around 15 degrees. We used water from the sink.


  1. A completely dark space, preferably with a sink.
  2. A red light
  3. An Enlarger. In Cà de Monti we use a Durst M601.
  4. n.2 trays (one for the developer, one for the fixer)
  5. Measuring vessels for making the solutions.
  6. n.2 clamps
  7. paper


We tried two different expired papers:

  • Bellini

Since they expired; we experienced a white, blurry vignette in all the prints. Bellini's paper needed more time than expected. We had to increase the light up to the maximum and tried with different time settings. The best results with the Bellini (Pau, Angelina) came up with exposure between 20 and 25 seconds.

Grande torneo del Chiodo

Dopo esserci rimpinzati della magica Pizza di Poni, abbiamo organizzato la prima edizione del Grande torneo del Chiodo. Il torneo vedrà coinvolti un totale di 9 sfidanti.

Ringraziamo Michele, Devis e famiglia per il bellissimo regalo.


Sun 23-10-2022

istantanea del mattino

ore 12:30

  • Pau is printing some postcards in the darkroom
  • Benni is preparing the solutions for the cyanotypes
  • Ilo is layouting the ricettario
  • Poni is building a contact microphone
  • Enri is reading William Morris
  • Anas and Pietro are checking the pictures
  • Angelina is cooking some natural ink with coal (nero poni)
  • Ira is testing out primitive screen printing
  • while Pongie is writing those things

Miscellaneous useful stuff